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I have been actively reading books for over 28 years. I read about 200 books a year and buy way more than that when they are on sale. I have just started reviewing and writing books.

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A LIL' LESS LOST (The Kingsmen M.C. Book 2)

A LIL' LESS LOST (The Kingsmen M.C. Book 2) - Tara Oakes, Laura Classi This series continues to get deeper into the story and relationship that is building between Lil' and Jay. This time we hear from Jay's perspective more and it gives us an idea of how much she really means to him. A new couple is introduced and I can't wait to see where the future will take Clint and Charlie. There are still unanswered questions as the book ends that makes you have to start the next book in the series. Love this author.