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I have been actively reading books for over 28 years. I read about 200 books a year and buy way more than that when they are on sale. I have just started reviewing and writing books.

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The Void Unit: Shadows on the Wall

The Void Unit: Shadows on the Wall - Maxwell A. Paris I was very privileged to read this book in the early stages and was completely blown away. I had no idea what genre it was until the story started to unfold. Paranormal fiction is very difficult to get right on the first try, but this author definitely pulled it off.

Ethan was a new/rookie cop and answers a call that sends him into a world that most humans only dream about. The story draws you into the emotions of The Void Unit until you are unable to put the book down because you cannot leave the characters in such dangerous situations. As a semi-military unit, they come to trust and rely on each other in the absence of their families.

Ethan's sister is not as convinced that he has disappeared without a trace. She convinces the police that they should search for him, but is caught in an underground fight/ bidding arena. Holding out hope that she will be rescued, the story takes some unexpected turns. Those who seemed to be the most trustworthy are hiding behind a mask that the Unit is ready to expose.

Maxwell A. Paris does an amazing job on her debut book. I closed the book, screaming, NOOOOOO....when will the next one be out?